Thursday, 7 January 2016

DUCJC 2016 - Day 6 - Playful Puss 4

Good morning!

Another cutie today but one which may remind you of a couple of little projects I did last year. This is another in the set of 4 Playful Puss designs, the other two having already been stitched and framed here.

Here's my progress for the day:

Playful Puss 4
Featured in ???
Designed by Lucie Heaton
Stitched on 16ct Antique White aida 2 over 1
Stitch count 57 wide by 59 high
Estimated stitching time 15 hours
Stitching time to date - 4 hours

It seemed obvious to stitch the tree first, so that's where I started! The rest was a bonus.

I have had a question about how I calculate my estimated stitching time. To me it's very important to know how long a project is going to take, no matter how big or small it is. So in very basic terms I:

1) work out the full coverage of the chart = 57x59 = 3,363 stitches
2) multiply that by the rough percentage of the chart that is stitched = 3,363 x 65% = 2,186 stitches
3) divide that by a stitching rate of between 135 and 180 depending on how complicated the chart is and/or how much backstitching is involved eg = 2,186/150 = 15 hours (just like the chart says!)

Usually I overestimated the stitching time but I'd rather have that than the other way round.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's chart the children have chosen for me. It's something different again and definitely not a project I would have even glanced at a couple of years ago. It's surprising how some of my stitching likes and dislikes have changed since living in blogland! Does that make you fellow stitchers good or bad influences I wonder???

Until tomorrow,
Rachel x


  1. Another cute project:) I agree the choices get impacted in blogland but I guess it is good to explore new things, you might start liking things you never thought you could have otherwise:)

  2. Very cute indeed! I've certainly been influenced by blog land, I'd never have found Satsuma Street or HAED without it. Satsuma Street has really grown on me since seeing them on so many blogs!

  3. I remember the ones you stitched last year. And this is another cutie.
    I have also been inspired by what I saw on the blogs, but some of my most favorite designers are still the same - and I still love to stitch those really big designs. But for getting to know new designers bogland is unbeatable.

  4. Very pleased to see this one - that poor little frame looks so lost with only two kittens in it!
    We are all good influences on each other I think! There are lots of charts I love stitching that I would never have seen if it hadn't been for blogging, and I would never have done anything other than frame a finish before! On the other hand I had no stash at all before so maybe you're all a bad influence?!

  5. Another cute start! It'll be nice to fill in those spaces in the frame.
    My stitching tastes have changed over the years, too, and some of that definitely comes from reading y'alls blogs:)

  6. Oh, I'm so glad your stitching this one. The other kitties will have a friend :)
    Bad influence?? Surely not, think about all the new stash you're getting thanks to Blogland :D

  7. Wow lots of progress. Too cute! It will look purrfect with the other two. I'm glad someone asked you that question because I was going to and now I know the answer. Neat idea. Good luck with today's pick.

  8. Anonther cute start today, you made amazing progress on it too.

  9. Thanks for answering the question on how you calculate your stitching time. I have never really looked at my stitching rate. I use excel to track my progress, so I'll have to look at that sometime. My stitches are scattered throughout the day (mom of two young boys) so that is not always easy to do!

  10. Lovely start and thanks for the info on calculating stitching time, I wondered about that as well. I'd much rather over-estimate as well.

  11. What an adorable start! I just love cat patterns.

  12. You must be able to read my mind! I was going to ask how you determined the stitching time! I'll have to try this myself. Thank you so much. And I love the little kitten and purple blooms.

  13. You're doing me in again Rachel with all of the cute charts. Great start.


  14. Very cute little kitty! Great choice :)

  15. A cute stitch and you've made a great start.

  16. Good influences I hope! :) LOL.
    I'm not sure my tastes have changed since blogging... expanded is more like it. Tree is so cute. In my world it's already perfect as is. ;)

  17. Love your project Rachel, it's SO cute :)

  18. Such a cute design! I always ignore the stated stitching time as I'm such a slow stitcher and can never get things done in the stated time.....I'm also bad at maths, so would probably make a mess of the calculations too :)

  19. Excellent chart choice :D Yes blogland does influence the stitching mind lol Can't wait to see this one finished :D

  20. Love what you have been stitching so cute.

  21. Hello, Rachel, I've just discovered your blog through June's :) I see that you are a part-time librarian--as am I (only I work in a public library)... Lovely little piece you are working on! I'll look forward to seeing what design your children have picked for you!


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