Monday, 26 January 2015

Stitch From Stash - January 2015

Hello everybody, especially SFSers!

This is my first month of taking part in SFS. Thank you Mel and co for running it again. I have to say that having a budget has truly kept my purse strings reined in. I actually found myself not buying any stash (charts) because I considered it "unnecessary"! How restrained was that?

Here are the financial details:

JANUARY BUDGET - $25 = £16.05 (at 01/01/2015 exchange rate)
SPENT - £8.75
EARNED - $4.00 = £2.57

* £8.75 on a fat quarter of 32ct Sky Blue Murano evenweave (only because I changed my mind and decided to stitch the projects concerned on eavenweave instead of aida)

Qualifying projects worked on (charts older than 6 months):
* Scarlet Macaw Preening
* Christmas quacker
* dragon of air
* loves me... loves me not
* dragon of Earth
* playful puss 1
* a tatty friend
* dandelion time
* dragon of fire
* flower power
* all aboard the walnut shells
* Christmas wishes
* cuddly feline friends
* choc-a-holic
* dragon of water
* I love butter
* good morning Nelson
* winter hugs
* lickle snooze
* a windy day
* playful puss 2
* little green

Non-qualifying projects worked on (charts purchased within the last 6 months):
* friends for life
* feline groovy
* daisy hugs
* dreaming of dolphins
* April showers
* book worm
* carefree summer
* friends forever
* cookie and cream
* daisy umbrella

Qualifying projects completed:
* Lizzie Kate January flip-it stamp (chart gifted October 2014) = $4

Non-qualifying projects completed:
* none

Is that too much detail for you? Can you tell I'm a bit OCD when it comes to making lists and keeping track of my work? Aren't I sad!

I know I'm going to have to buy some threads next month, so that will eat into my budget, but other than that I hope I can be just as restrained again!

Now I'm off to see how others have done.

Love and hugs
Rachel x


  1. Good luck sticking to your budget.

  2. Great work at staying within your budget!

  3. Nice start to the SFS I'm the same way, I love making lists.

  4. Wow, these are a lot of different projects you are working on, I am looking forward to seeing some of them finished soon.


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