Wednesday, 14 January 2015

DUCJC 2015 - Day 13


Today was my first Tatty Ted design. At the moment, and without any backstitching, it looks like a big splodge of greys, although you can at least make out the shape of the head. The Anchor to DMC colour conversion has one of the greys looking a bit green but I won't know for certain until I see it in proper daylight. If I'm not happy I may frog that colour. I've got some bigger Tatty Teds lined up so need to be happy with the colours before I start them.

A Tatty Friend
Featured in Cross Stitch Crazy
Stitched on 16ct White Aida with Silver Lurex by DMC 2 over 1

Another magazine cutie tomorrow. Hope you're not getting too bored of the same sort of cute designs appearing daily.

Love and hugs
Rachel x


  1. How can we be bored with these cuties???? They are all so lovely!
    Again, I really really like the fabric you've chosen xx

  2. Cute start Rachel. I love all these designs your starting. Wish I had the magazines.


  3. I agree with Mii Who could get bored? Adorable!! I've heard the back stitching on these are a pain but so worth it.

  4. Very cute :-) Is that World of Cross Stitch Magazine?

  5. That's so sweet! I can see your greeny - grey and I think it will look perfect once the other greys are in. All of your new starts are pretty - never boring!

  6. I love Tatty Teddy, such cute patterns! I'm watching your progress and I keep my fingers crossed - so far so good! :)

  7. Adorable pattern and a really great start! Looking forward to see what you are stitching next.

  8. Another cutie! You've got loads done :)

  9. Love Tatty Teddy! I always find the conversion from Anchor to DMC tricky - but I think this will be ok once you get the rest of the colours in.... lovely new start :o)
    Hugs xx


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