Wednesday, 30 March 2016

March Progress on Small WIPs

Hello again!

It's time for another round-up of my monthly stitching. As you may remember, I dedicated March to LK WIPs with the plan of finishing one project (but hopefully finishing five) and stitching on three more. I actually achieved.....

Four finishes:
*  Keep Our Air Clean
*  Save Water
*  Plant A Tree
*  Be Kind To Animals

And made progress on another three:

Winter Alphabet from 26th January

Spring Alphabet from 22nd January

Autumn Alphabet from 7th January

So all in all a very successful LK month!

In April I still plan to finish one, possibly two, projects (miaow!) and work on three more older WIPs (think Harry Potter). However, I have other more time-specific projects which will have to be prioritised so I honestly don't know if the above can be achieved. I'll just see how the month pans out.

And then there's my exciting news! All I'm going to do today is give you a teasing glimpse of some wonderful fabric I am finally happy with for a project I have been desperate to stitch for two years. My regular and long-term followers may guess which project it is but for those of you who are newer (or can't remember) I will do a big reveal on 3rd April. I can't tell you how excited I am!!

Finally, regarding the April A-Z Challenge, I chose not to reveal my theme on the "Big Reveal" day, instead leaving it as a surprise. I know these types of challenges and daily posts are not to everyone's liking but I hope some of you will stick with me as I've tried to make each post a little bit interesting. Some of it has involved research but with the use of the www this has not really been difficult or very time-consuming. You'll see what I mean in two day's time.

I've a Smalls SAL posting tomorrow, and then let the April madness begin!

Take care,
Rachel x


  1. The alphabets are looking beautiful!! :) I don't know or remember your Harry Potter project, are you stitching one?
    Looking forward to your April challenge.

  2. Wonderful progress on your alphabets, such pretty colours.

  3. Your alphabets are looking terrific!

  4. Great progress on your alphabets!! I love them more & more :)
    So many nice projects to be working on and so little free time to focus on them all. I am missing the cool HP crests!
    Ooooh I wonder what all that fabulous green fabric will be for ;)

  5. love the alphabets, great fabrics

  6. Great progress on the alphabets! I love the fabrics you chose for each, they really bring out the colours in each design. I'll look forward to your surprise since I'm not sure what it is and the theme for the challenge.

  7. Your alphabets look great! Summer has gone AWOL though! ooo... A big reveal, how mysterious... :D

    1. Don't worry, Summer is still around - I worked on it back in February so as it has already had some attention I didn't stitch on it again.

  8. Congrats on your lovely LK progress. You made fantastic progress on each alphabet. Oh I love your new fabric. I wonder what it's for. Can't wait to find out. Oh I look so forward to your alphabet posts too. Good luck!!

  9. Great progress on your LK smalls and alphabets - though please will you finish the second row of Autumn before putting it away?! Can't wait to see how the green fabric looks with ten hours' stitching on it!

  10. Those Alphabets look wonderful - I think you made some great progress during this month -I will Stop by to Read your A-Z posts. Can't wait.

  11. Excited to see the big reveal! I think I can guess what it is, did you find good fabric finally! And I am very excited that you will be doing daily post again in April

  12. Yay you finally found fabric! It's pretty :). Beautiful progress as well I hope Harry Potter comes back to play!

  13. Wow, so much progress on the L*K alphabets. And you made me so curious to see what great project you will stitch on this beautiful fabric.

  14. I just love the L*K seasonal Alphabet series and the fabric you picked for each is perfect! I can't remember what project you may be talking about starting but I am looking forward to the big reveal!

  15. Awesome progress Rachel. Your new start is Preening something I think. I know its a bird. Looking forward to your April posts.


  16. Love all your fabrics for the seasonal LK alphabets! Can't wait to see the new start, I love that fabric too.

  17. Loving all your L*K stitching, but the seasonal samplers are my favourites 💜!

  18. You did well with all your L*K pieces but I especially like the Alphabets.


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