Monday 6 March 2023

Mischievous March New Start #1 - Grand Teton National Park

Hi all!

Welcome to Mischievous March 2023!

After saying I had no real plans for 2023, the temptation for Mischievous March began to creep in and I could no longer resist!

For those who don't know, MM is a mini new start binge, aimed at containing that new start craving by starting four 'small' projects during the month - one each weekend - and posting about them the following Monday.

My track record at actually finishing these new starts is not that good though, as I still have one from 2021 and three from 2022 to complete. But this year I am dedicating March almost exclusively to these four new starts so, with any luck, they should also become four finishes.

The projects I have chosen are all mini landscapes of US National Parks by TeenyWeenyXStitch on etsy. Although there are some I'm not so keen on, I thought they were all quite detailed for their size (roughly 40x45). Here's TeenyWeenyXStitch's collage of 60 of the 63:

The first National Park I chose, simply because I like the scene and the colours, was Grand Teton in Wyoming (column 1 row 3). This park covers an area of 1,300km2 and was designated a National Park in 1929.

Because I made Saturday a stitching day, I achieved a huge amount over the weekend:

Grand Teton from 63 US National Parks by TeenyWeenyXStitch (etsy)
Stitched on 16ct Antique White aida
Stitching time to date - 8 hours 5 minutes

So far so good then. Fingers crossed this will become a finish before the second new start next Saturday.

Take care,
Rachel x


  1. This looks like it's going to be so much fun to stitch. Can't wait to see your progress

  2. These are so cute! Great way to get the Mm starts without adding to your list of WIPs for too long.

  3. Very cute little stitch Rachel! I look forward to seeing which one is next.

  4. Cute pieces. Small little fun pieces...perfect for your March new starts.

  5. Nice start, they all look amazing.

  6. Oh, great choices! I'm a little behind with my blog reading (obviously) so looking forward to discovering which ones you started, and how far along you are on them.


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