Monday, 15 November 2021

Naughty November New Start #2 - Moonrise Ornament 2

Good morning all!

And welcome to the second week of Naughty November 2021!

This week I am starting the second ornament, which I have called 'Fence', from this Moonrise set. Bet you can't guess from the title which one it is!

Here's my progress over the weekend:

Moonrise Ornament 2 'Fence' by Whispered By The Wind
Stitched on 32ct Vintage Dark Grey Murano 2 over 2
Stitching time to date - 3 hours 40 minutes

Not quite as good a start as last week, but that was mainly due to having stitched some of it when I was over-tired and then having to frog it because it was really untidy! Serves me right!

Here's the linky widget thingy if you took part in Naughty November week 2 and want to link up. Hopefully you were more focused than me!

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Last week Tiff and I both started the same ornie and Faith started a large geometric design in the most sumptuous browns and golds. Tiff 's now finished her ornie but I have a feeling Faith's may take slightly longer! Wonder what you've started this week... 

Take care,
Rachel x


  1. Nice start and sorry the frog visited! That happens to me so often when I'm tired as well.

  2. Another cute start Rachel. I actually joined you this time and have 2 starts.


  3. You made a good start over the weekend.

    You might be right about mine taking quite a while longer...

  4. Lovely new start. Love the old wrought iron fences.

  5. I think this is my favourite from the four of them.
    Shame about the frog but they are quite quick stitches.
    Off to visit Faith now.

  6. This one looks especially fun to stitch, and I bet will be done quickly once you get back to it!


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