Purged WIPs

OK, so I've taken the plunge and decided that I'm never going to stitch on these projects again. I liked them at the time but various things have gone wrong which have put me off them. So here are the pieces I've purged and why.


Stitched on 16ct Sky Aida by Sugar Maple Fabrics
Started October 2008, purged January 2009 after about 10 hours of stitching

REASON: The colours were absolutely nothing like those indicated! Yes I could have gone through and made substitutions but the damage has been done. The fabric hasn't been wasted though; I've frogged the stitches and will be able to use it for something else.


Stitched on 16ct Platinum Aida 2 over 1 (no background)
Started October 2013, purged February 2014 after 40 hours of stitching

REASON: I've gone off the style and since she no longer appeals to me there's no point keeping a project I'll never stitch on again.

(attempt 1)

Stitched on 16ct Antique Almond Aida from Silkweaver Fabrics 2 over 1 (no background)
Started April 2014, purged May 2014 after 20 hours of stitching

REASON: The fabric was CRAP. It was SUPPOSED to be a lovely mottled browny-buttery colour on 16ct but ended up being 15ct and totally drab. I hated it before I started stitching and hated it even more as I went along. It had to go.

(attempt 2)

Stitched on 32ct Autumn Woodland Linen from The Crafty Kitten 2 over 2 (no background)
Started and purged January 2015 after 2 hours of stitching

REASON: I had to resort to linen to get the depth of colour I wanted but now know that linen is definitely not for me. Tears and disappointment ensued but perseverance was not an option. But out of my unhappiness and frustration came a Random act of Kindness since this beautiful fabric has found a new home and a delighted owner.

(attempt 3)

Stitched on 16ct custom-made over-dyed aida by sewitall.com 2 over 1
Started March 2016, purged April 2016 after 20 hours of stitching

REASON: another disappointing fabric choice which was supposed to resemble a tree canopy but which is honestly quite plain and boring. 

As you might be able to tell, I am absolutely desperate to stitch Scarlet Macaw Preening but have been so disappointed by fabrics that I have almost given up on the idea of stitching him on a hand-dyed fabric. I even tried dyeing my own aida in an attempt to replicate the background but am so glad I didn't stitch on it as the colours faded in the sun! You may think I'm spoiled, buying fabric after fabric and not using them but, apart from the piece I dyed myself, none of them have gone to waste.

One day I know that I'll find the right fabric.

Rachel x


Esmeralda said...

I hope you will finish this project
One word : stunning
I will follow your blog to see how you will go on with this project
For inspiration take a peek at my blog
My biggist project is now over 1000 hours and need another 3000
So i would say never give up, just go for it and try to find a way wich works best for you
If i would own that stunning project i would work 2 different weeks in a month on it and between i would work on someting totally different in coulor so you dont get bored
You will see some progress very fast :) if you make this your priority project ( i think you love this one )

Esmeralda said...

I admire your patience to wait till you have found the perfect fabric
I will look forward to see you finally get started and enjoy this wonderfull piece

Leonore Winterer said...

I just stumbled by and was wondering, have you had a look at Sparklies fabrics? They have some very pretty colour choices, that are deep and rich even on Evenweave.