Suspended WIPs

It's highly likely that most stitchers have projects which have either become UFOs or been discarded. These are mine! They are not discarded, just suspended in the hope that I may pick them up again one day!


 True Colours
Stitch Count 122 x 176
Stitched on 18ct Black Aida 2 over 1 (with Kreinik in the border)
Started - 1999
Suspended - 2001

EXCUSE: I adore this chart but what was I thinking trying to stitch it on 18ct Black Aida when there are so many fractional stitches? I left out the fractionals in the border (but still think it looks fine) and the Kreinik on the dragon (which I didn't think was necessary) but was so disillusioned with the remaining fractionals and Kreinik that the poor dragon was put to one side in favour of Lavender and Lace's Angel of Autumn. At the time I had the intention of returning to it one day and perhaps will. It looks like I'm about half way through and I would still love to this project on my wall. Maybe it will be a restart... on evenweave!!


White Willow Stitching
Stitch Count 164 x 210
Stitched on 16ct Sky Aida by ???
Started - October 2008
Suspended - November 2008

EXCUSE: This has to be the most disappointing project I have ever worked on! The colours in the picture indicate a rainbow of brightness and vibrancy, but when I collected the threads together it was a palette of fairly dull and uninspiring colours. It didn't take long for me to give up this piece. Maybe one day I will go through the threads and substitute with ones more realistic to the picture. But I can't really see that happening..... My experience of this chart has put me off it completely. Shame, especially when it's on such beautiful fabric (not that that will go to waste!)


Shinysun's Cross Stitching
Stitch Count 400 x 532 (260 x 470 without background)
Stitched on 16ct Antique Almond Aida from Silkweaver Fabrics 2 over 1 (no background)
Started - 15th April 2014
Suspended - 3rd May 2014

This was a got-to-have-and-got-to-stitch-it-now chart that I fell in love with straight away. The colours are vibrant, the pose is fantastic and I just love everything about it!
HOWEVER, the fabric was CRAP. It was SUPPOSED to be a lovely mottled browny-buttery colour on 16ct but ended up being 15ct and totally drab. I hated it before I started stitching and hated it even more as I went along. With the fabric, postage and import duty that's £55 down the drain.
I've since splashed out on much nicer fabric and restarted the project.


Heaven and Earth Designs
Design Size 182 x 312
Stitched on 18ct hand-dyed Sandy Pool by Crafty Kitten
Started - 29th January 2013
Suspended after 10 hours of stitching

I love dragon pictures, but not all of them catch my eye the way this did. The blues, green and lilacs all blend together so seamlessly, which is why this design is confetti heavy and not much has been stitched. I have taken out the green background behind the dragon's head and the trees and replaced it with hand-dyed fabric. There is also a surrounding area of Kreinik which I do not intend to stitch either as I believe the design will blend into my chosen fabric and the shimmer will not be needed.


Heaven and Earth Designs
Design Size 63 x 354
Stitched on 16ct Cream Aida 2 over 1
Started - 16th April 2013
Suspended after 70 hours of stitching

I just LOVE all Randal Spangler's dragon designs and hate (in the nicest sense of the word) HAED for creating so many cross stitches of them! These designs tend to be confetti heavy so I thought starting with a smaller chart would indicate what I was up against if tackling a Mini Spangler project. Judging from the fact that I have suspended it I think the answer is no!


Heaven and Earth Designs
Design Size 185 x 220
Stitched on 16ct Platinum Aida 2 over 1 (no background)
Started - 28th October 2013
Suspended after 40 hours of stitching

The colours in this picture are what first caught my eye - so crisp and vivid. I hope she stitches up like her picture. She's not looking too bad so far but again she is confetti-heavy and for that reason has been suspended for a while.

I hope to return to at least some of these in the future but I don't know when. Afterall, it would be a shame to see these projects go to waste.

Rachel x

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  1. Hi rachel
    I am still busy with reading your blog
    I love all your storys with your paterns
    My blog is just new and i never know what to write so you inspire me enough :)
    I full agree with you that it would be a shame if you didnt finish these wonderfull projects
    When i had ones 8 wips i made myself s promiss
    Before i take another new project, i need to finish 2 old wips
    So i went down to finally 4 wips
    Thats manageble for me because i swap them every week
    So every month i work on all of my wips
    I have a huge stash wich are all beautiful projects and it is very hard not to start them but i keep in mind that one day i will start and finish them ( probably it will take me 20 years only on the amount of kits i have )
    Not to mention the patterns :(
    Sorry for my not perfect english :)
    I am dutch but my husband is british :)
    Well hopefully i see one day thes projects back when you pick them up again :)


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