Stash - Large Charts

Like many stitchers, I have collected far too much stash over the years. Shown here are the larger charts I would love to stitch, given enough hours. Many of them have been presents but most simply due to the lack of willpower!

Total Count - 58 - ooops!


Fire Dragon
Stitch Count 300 x 229
I have had this chart since 1996 but have been put off by the confetti stitching and knowing it needs to be stitched on black. Still, if I want the result I shall have to put in the effort!


 Aurora Wolves
Stitch Count 130 x 130
My daughter likes wolves and purple but I'm not sure about the pink.

Stitch Count 200 x 172
I like space pictures!

 Elephant Waterfall
Stitch Count 175 x 134
For my mum if I ever get around to stitching it!

 Rosette Nebula
Stitch Count 250 x 156
Another space chart!

 Titanic Night
Stitch Count 200 x 137
I have always been interested in the Titanic and this is my favourite chart of that fateful liner.

Wolf Reflections
Stitch Count 120 x 147


 Fractal 53
Stitch Count 384 x 384


 Alluring Sorceress
Stitch Count 168 x 243
This was a chart I bought way back in 2000.....

Midnight Enchanter
Stitch Count 168 x 252 was this.


Stitch Count 224 x 275


Books of Dreams
Stitch Count of each book 63 x 354
To be stitched separately as 11 projects.
The first book is currently a UFO.

 Faces of Faery 117
Stitch Count 200 x 198
Love those gorgeous big eyes!

Mini Storykeeper
Stitch Count 300 x 433
Absolutely enchanting. My fingers are itching to start this one.

Mini Waiting
Stitch Count 229 x 325
Very kindly RAKd by the stunning Crafty Princess.

 Mini Checking it Twice
Stitch Count 225 x 281
Loads of confetti stitching, but what a jolly old fellow!

Mini Space Traveler
Stitch Count 337 x 198

QS April Fairy
Stitch Count 225 x 315
Full of such vibrant colours, this is near the top of my waiting list.

 Mini Among the Cherry Blossoms
Stitch Count 225 x 328
To be stitched on hand-dyed Cotton Clouds 18ct Aida by The Crafty Kitten, omitting the background and reducing the stitching size to 175 x 175.

 Mini Autumn's Promise
Stitch Count 250 x 175
To be stitched on hand-dyed Foggy Morning 18ct Aida by The Crafty Kitten, omitting the background and reducing the stitching size to 175 x 175.

 Mini Winter Magic
Stitch Count 250 x 176
To be stitched on hand-dyed Icicle 18ct Aida by The Crafty Kitten, omitting the background and reducing the stitching size to 175 x 175.

Mini The Key
Stitch Count 225 x 324

Mini Snow Girl
Stitch Count 235 x 304
She reminds me of the "nice" Morgana from Merlin and would look perfect stitched on an opalescent fabric.


Sudden Showers
Stitch Count 147 x 193

Collecting Shells
Stitch Size 169 x 228


Ballet and Music
Stitch Size 170 x 191


 Angel of Spring
Stitch Count 230 x 270

 Angel of Summer
Stitch Count 230 x 264

 Angel of Winter
Stitch Count 230 x 266

 Celtic Spring
Stitch Count 156 x 239
Spring colours should be soft such as pale yellow, lilacs and pinks. Guess who will be altered before stitching?

 Celtic Summer
Stitch Count 157 x 238
In my mind summer colours need to be vibrant yellows and blues. There will be another colour change when I stitch this lady.

 Celtic Autumn
Stitch Count 157 x 238
I much prefer the alternate orange and green colour version of this chart and will use that when stitching this. One chart conversion has also has the lady sprinkling autumn leaves. Perfect!

 Celtic Winter
Stitch Count 159 x 238
I have seen an alternate colour version of this stitched in blue, white and silver. The lady also has silvery hair and is wearing a cape with her dress. These are much more suitable winter colours and will be sought out when this project becomes a WIP.

 Angel of the Morning
Stitch Count 180 x 258

Blue Moon Angel
Stitch Count 188 x 225

Guardian Angel
Stitch Count 179 x 232


Stitch Count 170 x 170


The Scribe
Stitch Count 375 x 211
I'm probably going to make this more of a square design.

RABNANN (ebay)

Elephant Herd
Stitch Count 248 x 174


 Crystal Dolphins
Stitch Count 150 x 210
To be stitched on Navy Blue Aida.

 Golden Dance
Stitch Count 200 x 250
To be stitched on Black Aida. Guess why!!!

 Heart Rose
Stitch Count 150 x 171

 Multicoloured Parrots
Stitch Count 210 x 164
I plan to stitch just the parrots and branch on green/grey hand-dyed Aida.

 Purple Mist Falls
Stitch Count 200 x 234

Stitch Count 150 x 207


Stitch Count 210 x 402
Again, this would be stitched on hand-dyed Aida.

Stitch Count 200 x 133


 Planets Align V
Stitch Count 400 x 250


Stitch Count 283 x 423
I would like to crop this design, but would have to be careful not to lose the balance of the picture.

If you have got this far I hope you have enjoyed looking through my stash. Perhaps this list contains something which might give you inspiration?

Rachel x


  1. Your stash really makes me drool, lol! I need to track down those black kittens breaking the crockery - I MUST stitch those :D

    1. They are some of my favourites too although the fact that I hate evenweave has really put me off doing them. One day I'll have to bite the bullet...


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