Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Big Eyes Kitty - 40 hour update

Hello everyone!

Ooops! I'm back already with another update on Misty. I had a very late Saturday night (or should that be early Sunday morning) when I just couldn't stop stitching, hence such quick progress. Here are the 30 and 40 hour pictures:

After 30 hours

After 40 hours

I've definitely got to stay with her now until she is completed, something I haven't done with a project for ages. Despite being just creams and browns the colours are sumptuous to work with and not at all boring. I'd like to get her finished before school breaks up for Easter on 4th April but realistically I can't see that happening (or can I?!)

By the way, I'm really enjoying this blogging lark and sharing my progress with you. I've had some lovely comments and discovered many new blogs through these and various other links. I try not to make my posts too repetitive but am probably a bit boring at the moment! I promise I'll work on that one!!

Be back soon with another update.....

All the best and
Happy stitching :)
Rachel x


  1. Great progress. You are getting so close to a finish! Good luck finishing by your deadline.

  2. Wow! Great progress! Can't wait to she her when she's finished :)

  3. Beautiful work. I'm a blogging newbie too and am so happy to discover just how friendly everyone is. It's great!

    1. The friendliness is fantastic. Long live cross stitch!

  4. What a difference ten hours makes! Lovely stitching. I agree that you should keep going until it's finished if it's calling to you!

    1. Thanks, I will. Let's see if I can hit the deadline.


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